I’m the Worst Dancer, but I'll Never Quit Taking Dance Fitness Classes—Here’s Why

[brightcove:5349729533001 default] I've never been good at dancing, but for some reason I've always felt drawn to it. In elementary school, I would make up mini dance routines and perform them for myself in my bedroom mirror. In middle school, in an attempt to gain some semblance of rhythm, I asked my dance-adept cheerleader friend to teach me how to body… Read more →

 5 Signs You’re Getting Fitter—Even If the Scale Hasn't Budged

[brightcove:5713678691001 default] You’ve been doing everything right: loading up on greens, lifting weights, and going easy on the wine and late-night snacks. But whenever you step on the scale, the same digits stare back at you—or worse, the number is higher than it was last time. WTF? Before you get too worked up, the scale doesn’t tell the whole story—and… Read more →

Push Through Any Workout with These Trainer Mantras

[brightcove:5603078340001 default] This article originally appeared on DailyBurn.com We’ve all been there: You’re at the end of a workout class when the instructor says you have another set of burpees to do. Your muscles and your mind want to scream “no” as soon as the words come out of her mouth. You can’t possibly push through another cardio set…except you can. And you should. Even… Read more →