Month: March 2017

Google’s New Feature Takes the Stress Out of Booking Fitness Classes

Thanks to the Google's many clever features, we no longer get lost (as often), bungle dates and double-book, or choose mediocre restaurants. And now Google is back at it again, with yet another way to simplify your life: Reserve with Google is a new platform that makes it super easy to discover and book fitness classes. The site allows you to search your area for upcoming… Read more →

These 2 'Microworkouts' Are Super Short and Majorly Effective

Your schedule is jam-packed, and you've lost all hope of making it to the gym. But here's some good news: You can still fit in a serious workout even when you have almost zero time. Really! Research suggests that a 10-minute sweat session with 1 minute of high-intensity exercise (think sprints, on foot or a stationary bike) can lead to the same benefits—including improved cardiovascular health, increased endurance,… Read more →

The Hidden Risk of Running a Marathon

This article originally appeared on  Running is a great workout, and it comes with all of the heart-strengthening benefits of aerobic exercise. But doing it for long distances—like in a marathon—may come with unintended health consequences. A small new study finds that marathon runners can experience short-term kidney injury after the race. [brightcove:4874670933001 default] In the study, published in… Read more →