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Here’s the Surprising Reason Lindsey Vonn Spreads Cheese on Her Injuries

[brightcove:4933130858001 default] There is something special about Lindsey Vonn. No matter how many times she gets knocked done, she gets right back up, including after her latest fall at Lake Louise in Canada during the Audi FIS Ski World Cup. “I’ve definitely had my fair share of setbacks; that’s just a part of ski racing,” says Vonn. “We push ourselves to… Read more →

Prehistoric Women Had Stronger Arms Than Competitive Rowers Today

[brightcove:5569684893001 default] This article originally appeared on Today’s athletes may be strong, but they’ve got nothing on prehistoric women who spent their days harvesting crops and grinding grain. According to a new study in the journal Science Advances, the average woman who lived during the first 6,000 years of farming had stronger upper arms than modern-day female rowing champions.… Read more →

The 15-Minute Home Workout to Survive the Holidays

[brightcove:5523727483001 default] This article originally appeared on For most, the holiday season means a whole lot of travel, food and to-dos…and little time, space or energy for exercise. But your fitness doesn’t have to take a backseat to a packed seasonal schedule — and this home workout, made up of just five exercises (all from Daily Burn 365), is proof. The… Read more →

How Liv Tyler Is Working Out to Be 'Her Most Optimal Self' After Giving Birth to Her Third Child

[brightcove:5542021042001 default] This article originally appeared on Between filming, photoshoots and caring for her three kids, Liv Tyler already has a non-stop schedule. But the supermom still manages to fit in time to work out, and got right back into fitness after giving birth in July 2016. “She has so many things to try and jungle but she really… Read more →

How These Models Got in Shape for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

[brightcove:5277348402001 default] I'm sure you've heard the expression "She has the body of an angel," right? Well, there has never been a truer statement than when it comes to the sculpted women who strut their stuff across the stage in the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. This year's show, which was filmed in Shanghai, China and airs November 28, is no exception.… Read more →