Fat loss tips with difference

Just coming to the end of a 12 week diet for a few things I have coming so I wanted to share with you some of the things that I have found really helped me get through and stay compliant. No science just real life tactics!

Tip 1 – Maximise your assets……

I love food so I am always going to find the best way to maximise my food intake!!!

You have to get clever so use an app like my fitness pal and get to know what foods will give you more bang for your buck!! Believe me when I say vegetables will become your best friend!!

Tip 2 – Fill your diary not your boots

Stay busy if you don’t have time to think about being food the easier it is!

Tip 3 – Relocation relocation relocation

My living room is right next to the kitchen so in evening if I felt like the contents of my kitchen where trying to allure me in for a food party I would simply move rooms go and chill out in my bedroom! Out of sight out of mind!

Tip 4 –Just remove it

Don’t have any of your weakness foods in the house temptation is a bitch but if she isn’t there you win!!

Tip 5 –Minimise the affects

I am a little picker!!!!! Entering the kitchen quite often equals dipping my finger into the almond butter break or breaking corner of a biscuit just to have a nibble and I know these can add up.

My solution is to have a pick box in my fridge so for example last week it was cooked asparagus and green beans this week its spinach and sorrel this means if I am going to have pick then these are obviously a lot less calorific than almond butter but the psychologically they give a bit of satisfaction!!

Tip 6 – Stay sane

Find something, which you see as a stay sane item!!! Something which just hits the spot if you’re having a bit of a bad day so for me this time it’s been sugar free jelly with fruit or a diet Pepsi proper wild child I know!!

Tip 7– Your dentist will love you

If you suffer from sweet cravings after eating then try just simply brushing your teeth it works wonders!!

There we have it my simplistic real life tips on how to cope with your fat loss plan.

A fat loss journey takes time and consistency, so you need take you buckle up and take your patience pill maybe even consider finding a coach to join you on your journey.

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